There are a few different theme park “chains” (if you want to call them that) like Six Flags, Universal, and Sea World, but nobody does a theme park like Disney. Their attention to detail makes them the leader in world-class entertainment, whether it is on screen or when you walk through the gates at one of their parks around the globe. From the rides to the characters to their resort hotels, Disney has that special magic people are not only willing to fork over tons of money for but they want to do it over and over again.

The first of the Disney parks to be built was Disney Land in California. This park has the distinction of being the only one of the parks bearing the Disney name that Walt Disney himself supervised the design and creation of. California Adventure was actually built in the parking lot of the original theme park, and there’s a Downtown Disney shopping and dining area. Disney Land also has three hotels to stay at, and according to the website there are 107 places to eat. That’s a lot of variety, and everyone is bound to find something they want to ride, eat, and see.

The park with the most attractions and resorts is Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. There’s four different parks (Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios), two different water parks, Disney Springs restaurant and shopping area, a boardwalk, and 32 different Disney owned resorts. You can also include the ESPN Wide World of Sports on this list, as that’s owned by Disney as well. Another thing Disney World does on a grand scale is dining.According to their website, you have over 390 restaurants to choose from. That means you could eat every meal at a different place every day for a year and still have some left to go. That’s not counting the extra stuff for the Food and Wine festival, either!

Those are the two Disney parks in the US. The next park to be built was the Tokyo Disney Resort, in 1983. There are two theme parks there, Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea, four hotels, a shopping area, and nearly 50 places that serve food and beverages. DisneySea sounds aquarium-themed, but it actually has attractions closely related to those at Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Hollywood Studios.There is also Disneyland Paris, which opened in 1992. It boasts 2 theme parks, seven hotels, a Disney Village shopping area, and over 50 different restaurants. The park hasn’t been without controversy, but it is still one of the most popular theme park destinations in Europe. Hong Kong Disneyland was Disney’s first resort in China, and it started welcoming guests in 2005 with three hotels and a theme park. The big selling point of Hong Kong Disneyland was to maintain the culture of the area while incorporating favorite characters and the popular rides that have been enjoyed elsewhere. Their website lists 24 eateries, many of which boast Chinese and vegetarian meals. The most recent theme park to be opened is in mainland China, the Shanghai Disney resort. In addition to its theme park, which opened in the summer of 2016, there are two hotels and nearly 50 eateries, some of which are names that all of us would recognize (Starbucks, anyone?)

The ability of the Disney brand to branch out all over the world – they also have cruise ships, a resort in Hawaii, and their own travel tours – speaks volumes about how they run their business, how the world sees them as a company, and how we’re all really just kids at heart.

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