I have been going to theme and amusement parks as long as I can remember. As a child, I loved the roller coasters and the kiddie rides at Disneyland or Magic Mountain. Coney Island has its share of offerings as does Disney World.  Now, for some reason I have a sudden, strong craving for huge winding waterslides and other assorted places that utilize the liquid stuff to create a different kind of fun. Giant pools populate all the best resort hotels around the world, and many feature boat rides and smaller slides. Because of this, I always choose these places when I travel. You just look under the family section for hotels on the Internet. It doubles my pleasure to have a recreational area with water because there are more of these resorts than water parks. I have had to adjust my gear when I go away on business or to visit a friend or relative; I must include a waterproof pouch for the stuff I take when in the water. If there is a ride in the vicinity of my hotel or motel, I wear the right clothing and keep the pouch fastened around my waist. This way I don’t have to leave money, keys, or sunscreen in the car or on the ground nearby.

I found plenty of pouches online, so it was just a matter of size and color. I usually stick with neutrals like black or navy. Canvas is a popular material as it is sturdy and foolproof. The darker colors are less conspicuous and don’t draw attention to themselves in case a pickpocket is lurking nearby. My pouch has a good zipper; that was a top requirement. I wanted to test the item when it arrived and thought about visiting a neighbor’s pool. I was in a rush that day heading off to work so I elected to use the Hansgrohe faucet from Kitchen Faucet Depot in the kitchen. I pushed the lever for cold and stuck the pouch under the nozzle. It is a very nice one I noticed. Nonetheless, I adjusted the spray to “high” and let the canvas prove its worth. I wasn’t disappointed. There was no water inside even after a good soaking.

I was afraid of ruining the new pouch, but it said “waterproof” on the tag, big as life. I could take it with me to any pool or slide without concern. You aren’t likely to take valuables in the water, but no one wants their dollar bills to get wet. Waterproofing is more important to me than preventing theft. I am thrilled to say that I found just the right brand. It is well constructed, and while the fabric is thick, it is not coarse. It is an all around great choice. What a great gift for anyone, adult or child, who loves to swim with their gear.

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