Like every one of you, I work and I play. Sometimes I can do both at the same time. For example, I go on work trips from time to time and I like to add on a extra day for a “vacation.” My idea of the best vacation is visiting an amusement park. I love to discover new ones and my list is growing by leaps and bounds. Over the years, I am proud to say that I have been to the major theme parks across the country as well as many smaller local ones in rural areas. They all have something to offer at this point now that I have seen so much. They don’t all have to be Disneyland, Epcot or Magic Mountain. An old roller coaster will do as long as it is in prime working condition, of course. The old-style rides are still enjoyable and they have never been replaced by the new technologically advanced ones.

I love when I can find the time to visit a park after a work trip, be it a meeting or big conference. Each aspect of the trip is different, and I have a different work or leisure time face. I also have a different mindset. I think it is best to separate the two, so you enjoy each to the maximum and don’t get confused about what is what. It is possible to mix work with pleasure if you do it the right way. I don’t want to become distracted if I am giving a talk or listening to someone else. I want to be in the moment if it is about business. I want to be at my best.

One of my priorities when travelling for any reason is to keep myself and my business bag safe. I got the following tips from Business Bag Review: If I lose it or it is taken, it spoils the rest of the trip, including the special vacation part. It is important not to dampen the theme park visits with security problems. If you plan ahead, you can avoid airport issues (damaged bags, unlocked luggage, lost items). You must be sure to have a sturdy and durable bag with a secure lock, either with a key or a digital code. When flying, watch the porter place the tag and make sure it is for the correct flight and destination city. If you go by car, you can be more protective of your gear. My business bag contains important documents and personal items and it is vital that everything stay intact. I never leave the trunk of the car open when getting gas.

In case of theft or loss, I label my business bag carefully so that I may be contacted. I don’t carry a weapon, but to feel safe I put a flashlight in the bag. It is large and acts as a deterrent, kind of like the baton of a street cop. I have mace as well. Overall, I have done the best I can to remain safe and secure on a business trip.

The Problem with Traveling Pre-Travel Ritual