We all have our favorite pastimes. This blog is devoted to mine. I know there are others out there who love amusement and theme parks. I grew up with them, starting with an exciting, whirlwind trip to Disneyland—a special treat from my parents. I vowed to return soon, and I did over the years alone or with friends. Since then I have been seen on or in numerous thrill rides, water parks, roller coasters (like the glorious Magic Mountain), and side show exhibits meant to tantalize and scare you to death. I read about the old days at Coney Island or the Pike at Long Beach in California. Then there was the ubiquitous traveling circus and all the crazy weirdness it entailed like the bearded lady and sword swallowing man. Do you remember cotton candy, corn dogs, sodas made from syrup and fizzy water, mile high ice cream cones, and colored popcorn? Do you recall painted elephants, tight rope walkers, midget clowns, and prancing ponies with bareback riders? While times have changed and a lot of the elements have changed, a modern day park is wonderful fun. I drive for hours to get to a favorite venue. I stay in a hotel so I can revel for two days on the grounds. County fairs are eligible for my attention as are rodeos and western towns. No, they are not all alike!

It was very hot on a recent trip to a combination theme park and zoo and I sweated like one of the pigs on display. It was great but I couldn’t wait to get to my room and take a cold shower before changing clothes (and going back). I was grubby and grimy to say the least. But the hotel facilities weren’t the best and certainly not up to speed in comparison to my huge tiled shower at home. It has an adjustable showerhead that allows for various degrees of intensity. The temperature can be changed with a quick digital apparatus. It is perfect and has no rival. To top it all off, I have installed the best water filter for home that I could find, so the water is gentle on my skin and hair. It is the ultimate spa experience complete with soft, terry towels.

I recommend you try any kind of filtering system. They are quite economical and don’t need much maintenance or repair. You can enjoy tap water and save on costly plastic bottles. There are lots of different types of filters from carbon to reverse osmosis membranes. I like the hybrid softener and filter that has an injectable solution that lasts for six months. It is easy to refill so you get the same amount of treated water every time. If you haven ‘t indulged, be sure to consider treating yourself soon as the liquid of life that tastes and feels good can make a difference in your life.

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