Give me a coaster or theme park, and I am a happy person. Give me a hot dog and cotton candy and I am in heaven. I am a dutiful little boy in spirit and practice. I never the cut the line, yell while whirling in space, or cry if I am lost. Now that I am an adult, I enjoy the experience on a different level, but it is till amazing fun. It brings back memories and creates new ones. Go with kids for an extra kick. They will open your eyes to new things. For example, one of my little sidekicks found a huge trampoline. He showed me the ropes. Most kids are adept at this device because of all the bouncy houses they have frequented. We had so much fun, and, yes, I tried it myself. It was my first time so I was a trampoline virgin so to speak. I didn’t have many tricks up my sleeve, but I vowed to learn some in the near future so my next park visit would be more complete.

Between amusement park trips, I now go to Trampoline Choice to learn more skills and see if it packs the same kind of punch. It did. I now know how to do more than jump up and down like a flying fool. I can execute seat landings and knee tucks ono the simpler side, and straddles, pikes, half and full twists, flips and somersaults on the advanced level. What a hoot. Adults don’t know what they are missing by being mere bystanders when their kids go to play in these places. Get on board and have the time of your life. It is almost as good an exhilaration as riding the giant monster cyclone roller coaster. In fact it is almost as good as being on a more modest one.

I had no idea that a simple trampoline could be this much fun, even just by myself. I get so into it that people often stop and stare at my beaming face. I must look ridiculous, but at least very happy. A few take phones with their phones. Why I am not sure. I guess it is a rare occurrence to see a silly adult at play. I am not a professional by any means, but I do have some good moves. Maybe that’s it. It gives me a thrill to think that people think I am a gymnast when in fact I have never set foot on the gym floor whether in high school or college. Now I have found a new calling.

If you don’t want to do this in public, you can buy any size trampoline for your backyard. I am not referring to the mini tot size, but a real regulation version. You can go to town in the privacy of your own home. As for me, you will find me most weekends at the nearest trampoline place.

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