If you have been reading my blog, you know I am obsessed with roller coasters and theme parks, large and small, near and far. Today, however, I am taking a break from this type of amusement to do some practical work around the house. All kinds of chores have been piling up and my “to do” list is growing. It stares me in the face when I turn on my laptop and begs me to get started already. I have been putting it off way too long. I mean who likes to spend their day as a handyman? Well, maybe if you are a professional and need income. As for me, doing it myself is a way to save money and get going. Today is the day to start. I look at the list and frown.

I have too much free time, I guess, so I am procrastinating as usual. I daydream about where else I could be at this moment. There are plenty of better options. But I rouse myself and go get the tool box in the garage. Everything I need today is inside. I start with the leaky faucet in the kitchen and with a quick twist of the wrench, that one is checked off the list. Time to take a break. Ha! What’s next? The back room needs dusting—a no brainer. What takes more time is putting a new remote dimmer switch on the ceiling fan. Like most things, I started my research online to make sure it was possible and I found this page: https://www.ceilingfanchoice.com/can-dimmer-switches-used-ceiling-fans/. I have had it for some time and it works beautifully cooling off the den when it is hot. That room has a lot of exposure to sunlight due to a large sliding glass door open to the backyard. Therefore it gets warmer than other parts of the house. Why turn on the air conditioning for just the one area? It doesn’t make sense.

The fan comes with a wall control for various circulation speeds—there are a whopping six. Since the unit has a central light fixture, I thought it was time to use a remote when I am sitting at my desk or reclining on the sofa watching TV. Sometimes I like a bright room to read my Kindle while at others, I like a low-key ambiance, especially at night. It is more conducive to relaxing, but I hate getting up to adjust the fixture as the sun is setting. Hence the remote. It is an easily obtainable accessory you can buy online or in any supply depot. It runs on a battery that lasts forever, or so it says. We shall see. Meanwhile, here I am putting the device together and setting it up for quick operation.

I tackle a few more chores on my list and decide to make use of the new remote for the ceiling fan and retire to the den for a rest. You would think I was doing hard labor.

I was Hesitant to Try This…. Trying Something New